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Audiko Review

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Audiko is a very straightforward ringtone download site that is as easy to use as it gets. If you are looking for top quality ringtones from all the latest pop artists, Audiko will satisfy your every wish. From Ri-Ri to Gangnam Style we are sure everyone will find something here to ensure their phone makes a stylish statement every time it rings. Follow the links on this page to check out what's on offer or read on to find out about the great features Audiko has to show off.

Audiko's web site is about as simple as it gets and this makes it easy to navigate your way around and get straight to the ringtones. There are various different categories to browse through if you aren't too sure exactly what you are looking for, or you could also check out which are the most popular ringtones in each country around the world. If you have a particular artist in mind it's easy to go straight to a dedicated page for them and browse through each album they have released. Audiko doesn't have a ringtone for every track on every album, but it does a pretty good job and all the most popular tunes are available.

If you can't find a ringtone you really want or want something completely unique, Audiko provides a neat ringtone creator feature right there on the main page. Just upload a sound file from your computer and tailor it using the simple audio editor embedded into the web page. When you have it just the way you want it, hit save and the file will be there ready to download to your computer. While this is all pretty clever in itself, we were very impressed by the fact that, instead of uploading a file, you can simply paste in a YouTube link and the website will extract the audio from the video and let you download it as a ringtone. This might be a slightly grey area legally, but it's free and fun so we aren't going to worry too much!

  Audiko really excels at making custom ringtones, and we love the ability to do it so easily from a YouTube link.  

If you just want to create your own ringtones, Audiko is completely free to use. Simply download the created file to your computer and off you go. Top marks for this go to Audiko as it's something you would have to pay for elsewhere. If you want to download the pre-made ringtones on the site you will have to sign up to a subscription service though. This is paid for directly through your phone bill and charged weekly until you text stop to a particular number. It's worthwhile making sure you are happy with this before replying to the first text because that will trigger the charge. For the subscription fee you get to download three ringtones each week, which should be more than enough to keep your phone sounding fresh!

Compatibility-wise most people won't have to worry about Audiko. Ringtones come in a format suitable for use on most mobile devices. There are special versions for iPhones, but everything else, including pretty old phones will work with the standard ones.

Audiko is such an easy to use web site that we would recommend it to anyone looking for the latest top quality ringtones. You'll have the most luck finding what you are looking for if your tastes verge towards the latest pop artists, but there is a huge selection of comedy ringtones and sound effects too. Audiko really excels at making custom ringtones, and we love the ability to do it so easily from a YouTube link. For this feature alone we recommend checking out the site right now!

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