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How to Choose the Right Ringtone Download Website

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If you have stumbled across this category in our reviews then you are most likely looking for an easy way of jazzing up your old mobile phone to give it a whole new lease of life. In that case you're in luck as all of the sites in this section offer lots of excellent content that will brighten up a dull, old looking phone in no time at all. Don't worry if you feel like your mobile is out of date either, as many of the sites are dedicated to providing compatible ringtones for all different types of devices. So if this sounds like you, or even if you have just got a brand new phone and want to make sure you keep it up to date with content, check out our guide to what to look for in a mobile ringtones web site.



Content is king, as the saying goes, and in the world of mobile download sites it is as true as ever. The nature of this type of site is that there aren't really many ways to differentiate in the market so the biggest and best sites really shout out the fact that they have so many millions of ringtones to choose from. With ringtones being the most popular item to download over wallpaper and apps, you will find these sites make it very easy to browse their collections and even preview the ringtones without having to sign up. This is a great way of deciding whether or not the site has the type of ringtone you are after and we probably wouldn't even consider a site that doesn't let you preview through your web browser.

Of course there are different types of sites that do better with different types of ringtones. One site that provides all the latest chart hits might not be quite so good if you are looking for comedy sound effects to alert you to an incoming text message. Not all of the sites we looked at are updated as often as the best in the category either so if you really want to make sure you are getting value for money, check back over a few days or a week to see what new tracks have been posted.

Although ringtones are the most popular kind of content to download from the sites in this category lots of people do update their phones with new wallpaper and apps too. Wallpaper is simply the name given to the images that can be used as a background to your phone's home screen. The quality of these varies quite a lot from site to site and you will have to make sure to get one in the correct resolution and size to fit your phone's screen or it will look terrible. For this reason, if you are really interested in downloading wallpaper, then it's worth finding out the size of your screen and making sure compatible images are on offer.

Apps are probably the least represented content amongst this type of mobile download site. The main reason for this is that modern Android and Apple devices now have their own app stores which are the first places people go for mobile apps. However, there are a few sites which offer Android apps at least, but in our opinion, the quality is much better on the official app stores. If you have an older phone that only runs Java apps though, you may be glad to hear that there are a number of sites here that still offer games that will be compatible with your device.



Some of the sites we looked at provide a few extras over and above the standard content of ringtones, wallpaper and apps. These tend to take the form of subscription based text message services. You send a text to a particular number and you get back a joke or your horoscope for the day or something else you could have gotten for free from the internet. If you are passed your teenage years you probably won't find much here to amuse you and now that most phones have internet access it just doesn't seem worth paying the premium message rate to get this type of content. However, if we can't convince you otherwise at least make sure you get a few of these thrown into any subscription you sign up for.



If you got a new phone in the past couple of years you probably won't have many issues with compatibility no matter what you download from the sites in this category. Ringtones generally come in MP3 format so can be used on practically any reasonably recent device. Wallpapers come as standard image file formats that, again, most phones will understand. If you have an older phone there are plenty of sites that still provide content that will be compatible, but just make sure to confirm they do before signing up.



Most of the sites we looked at work on a subscription based model whereby you pay a set monthly fee which entitles you to download a set amount of content. These tend to work on a credit based system where a ringtone might cost 2 credits of the 10 you are allocated each month. One or two of the sites actually offer unlimited access for a monthly fee so if you change your ringtone regularly these might offer the best value for money. If you don't have a credit card look out for the sites that let you pay directly through your monthly bill.

In reality you can't go too far wrong in the world of mobile ringtone downloads as, even if you make the wrong decision, it's not a huge amount of money to part with. However, if you decide to change do remember that the subscription payment may still come off your bill as a recurring payment – some sites can be a bit sneaky about this. Now you are clued up, head straight over to our reviews to see who we thought were worthy of a place in our top ten list of mobile ringtone download sites!