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Please note that Myxer has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Myxer below, or check out the rest of the Ringtone Download Websites we've reviewed.

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Myxer Review

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Just got a new mobile phone and feel that the factory settings are a bit dull for your sparkling personality? Do you have an old mobile phone that people laugh at when you pull it out? Or maybe you just want to add some cool new gadgets to your existing collection of mobile apps? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then you need to pay our number one ringtone download site, Myxer, a visit. Whether you have a new phone you want to stamp your own style on or an old one that needs a new lease of life, Myxer has something for you. With thousands of ringtones, mp3s, apps and games to download straight to your phone it's easy to see why we picked Myxer over the hundreds of other ringtone download sites out there. There are plenty of other funky features too so read on to see what Myxer can do for your mobile phone!

Getting started with Myxer couldn't be easier; you don't even have to sign up for an account. Simply click on the content you want, enter your phone number, then follow the link sent to your phone. Your ringtone, mp3 app or whatever else will then be downloaded straight to your phone ready to use. If, for some reason, this doesn't work for you, it's easy to download the same content to your computer then transfer it to your phone from there. You could even cut out the middle man and download the Myxer app straight to your phone which will then supply you with all the content you desire. Basically, what we are saying is that Myxer caters for any way you want to get content to your phone and makes it as easy as it can possibly be.

There is so much free content on Myxer that you may well never even want to go for any of the paid content. However, many of the mp3s of current artists do have a small charge attached, but the prices are very reasonable when compared with other sites. You can pay for these premium items directly through your phone bill so there's no need to worry about credit card details or any other hassle like that. This is especially useful for younger people who might not be able to get a credit card yet. Just keep an eye on your bill as it would be easy to get carried away downloading all your favourite songs!

Myxer offers ringtones in a wide variety of different categories and they will work with almost any reasonably up to date mobile phone. One of the most popular categories is, of course, popular music and you will find ringtones here (often for free), of your favourite bands and artists. A quick glance shows artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Eyed Peas, but the list is almost endless and we are sure you will find all but the most obscure music here. If comedy ringtones to annoy your friends and co-workers are more your thing, you will find Myxer to be an absolute tresure trove. Almost any comedy sound effect or funny quote you can think of can be found here and, again, it's often completely free. If you are lacking inspiration, Myxer keeps tabs on what are the most popular downloads so check out what other people are downloading to stay on top of the trends.

If you really can't find anything you like on the whole of the Myxer site (which we would find hard to believe!) don't despair because the Myxer Magic feature of the web site will let you create your own ringtone from any sound file you have on your computer. Simply upload it to the web site and you can tinker with the details online before having Myxer send it directly to your phone ready to use as a ringtone. In theory you could do this with any mp3 music you have on your hard drive to get a ready to use ringtone direct to your phone. Myxer Magic also works for background wallpapers so you can upload an image and follow the same process to have a neatly trimmed wallpaper sent right to your phone too.

As well as all the audio and visual goodness that comes from downloading ringtones and wallpapers, if you have a smartphone you can get in on all the app action too. Myxer offers an overflowing collection of mobile phone apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices. You will even find a few for older style phones that run the Symbian operating system – such as many of Nokia's older devices. Apps are split up into a range of different categories covering everything from hobbies to medical tools and, while you may not find the big names you would in the Google or Apple app stores, there are still plenty of gems to be had. Prices range from completely free to tens of dollars and are pretty similar to the prices offered by other app stores out there.

As well as all this excellent mobile phone content, Myxer also offers a great fun social radio service. You can access it through the web site or via the mobile app and listen to over 13 million songs for free with your friends. The service offers far more features than we can fit into this review, but safe to say you can get free access to all of your favourite music as often as you want. One of our favourite features is the ability to create listening rooms with your friends where you control the playlist and can chat along with your friends online. Unfortunately the service is only available to users in the States, but here's hoping it spreads further afield soon.

Myxer is one of the biggest sources of ringtones and other mobile phone content online. We love it because there is a huge library of free stuff to download and even the premium content is offered at reasonable prices. All the extra toys like Myxer Magic, Myxer Stage and the social radio service ensure Myxer cements itself at the top of our ringtone download site for the foreseeable future. Check it out right now to breathe a new lease of life into your mobile phone.

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Please note that Myxer has now been discontinued.

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